Welcome to Health Foods Barbados. We mainly cater to the special diets of people who require gluten free and wheat free foods. We offer a specially selected range of great tasting foods that both kids and adults would enjoy.

Being a mom of two kids who along with myself were diagnosed as wheat intolerant in 2004, I had a difficult time trying to find a variety of foods that suited their diets. I had to eliminate bread, crackers, cookies, pancakes, cakes, pasta etc. from my grocery list. Living on a small island it was a nightmare trying to replace those foods especially since the choices were extremely limited at that time. Fortunately being in the food importation business, my frustration led me to research the foods my kids required and this has led to partnerships with some of the best gluten free and spelt companies there are today.​​​

We welcome your comments on our products and any suggestions on new items you would like us to offer.


Samantha Ali